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A Consolidated Bylaw Being By-law No. 2011 – 51 as amended by: By-law No. 2011 – 152 (The Anti-Smoking Bylaw)

Smoking prohibited on all municipal property, including in parks and bus shelters. Allows for three designated smoking areas.

Products Included

Cigarettes, Cigars, Pipes, Other Weeds and Substances


None provided, but the bylaw refers to “the practice of smoking tobacco and other substances” and the preamble refers to “second-hand tobacco and other smoke.”

Policy Analysis

This is considered leading edge because it prohibits the smoking of other weeds and substances in public by virtue of the phrase “the practice of smoking tobacco and other substances.” Niagara Falls has used section 128 of the Municipal Act, 2001, S.O. 2001 c. 25 to declare smoking a public nuisance and allow it to expand the definition of smoking to include other substances. However, the bylaw still allows for designated smoking areas, which is not recommended.

Date Passed: April 18, 2011

Date in Force: April 18, 2011

Date Last Amended:

Leading Edge: Yes

Level of Government: Municipal

Smoke-free Ontario Act Status: Exceeds Smoke-free Ontario Act

Bylaw Under Development? No

Supporting Information

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