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Bylaw No. 06/2004, A Bylaw of the City of Humboldt to Regulate Control and Prohibit Smoking in Enclosed Public Places

Smoking prohibited in entranceways.

Products Included

Cigarettes, Cigars, Pipes


No official definition is found in the bylaw, but it says that people may not “smoke or hold lighted tobacco…”

Places Smoking Prohibited

Doorways, air intakes, operable windows

Policy Analysis

The bylaw does not specify distance from entranceways required, rendering enforcement very difficult. Adding air intakes and operable windows to the bylaw would strengthen it.

Date Passed: March 23, 2004

Date in Force: June 23, 2004

Date Last Amended:

Leading Edge: No

Level of Government: Municipal

Smoke-free Ontario Act Status: Exceeds Smoke-free Ontario Act

Bylaw Under Development? No

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