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Chapter 84, Smoke-Free Public Places Bylaw (A bylaw prohibiting smoking in public places in the Town of Kentville) (2011)

In a previous bylaw (2009) smoking was prohibited on any town-owned outdoor recreational facility, including trails, fields, playgrounds, parks, ice rinks and all manner of similar properties or facilities. As of 2011, smoking is now prohibited on all public property. “Public Places” are defined as streets and roads (including sidewalks), parks and entrances thereto, and all lands, structures and facilities owned by or leased to the Town.

Products Included

Cigarettes, Cigars, Pipes, Other Weeds and Substances


“Smoke” means the act of smoking tobacco, including smoking a cigarette, cigar or pipe, as evidenced by the giving-off of tobacco smoke. In absence of evidence to the contrary, where smoke is given-off from a cigarette, cigar, or pipe, it shall be presumed that the substance being smoked is tobacco.

Places Smoking Prohibited

Doorways, air intakes, operable windows
Municipal Property
Outdoor Events
Playgrounds, which may include Splash Pads and Wading Pools
Sports and Recreational Fields and Facilities
Transit Shelters/Stops

Policy Analysis

This is leading edge because it prohibits smoking on all municipal property, including streets, roads, sidewalks and trails. Since smoking is prohibited on streets, this would mean that there is effectively a buffer zone around transit stops, another criterium for being leading edge. It also means that smoking is banned at outdoor public events. Furthermore, other weeds and substances can be included in the bylaw by virtue of the phrase “where smoke is given-off (sic) from a cigarette, cigar, or pipe, it shall be presumed that the substance being smoked is tobacco.” This is truly an exemplary bylaw.

Date Passed: June 10, 2009

Date in Force: June 10, 2009

Date Last Amended: January 24, 2011

Leading Edge: Yes

Level of Government: Municipal

Smoke-free Ontario Act Status: Exceeds Smoke-free Ontario Act

Bylaw Under Development? No

Supporting Information

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