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Bylaw 21, Smoke Free Places Bylaw

No person shall smoke or vape tobacco, cannabis or another weed or substance:

  • in an enclosed public place;
  • in any place of employment (with exceptions);
  • in a school bus;
  • in an outdoor area of a restaurant, lounge or beverage room (except in an area that no person under the age of 19 is permitted to enter or be in);
  • within 4 metres of an entrance or exit of any sort of an enclosed place;
  • within 4 metres of an open window; or
  • within 4 metres of an intake for a building ventilation system.

Products Included

Cannabis, Cigarettes, Cigars, Pipes, Electronic Smoking Devices, Other Weeds and Substances, Waterpipes


“Smoke” or “smoking” means to smoke, inhale or exhale smoke from, burn, carry, hold or otherwise have control over a lit or heated cigarette, cigar, pipe, water pipe, electronic cigarette or other device that burns or heats tobacco, cannabis, or other substance that is intended to be smoked or inhaled.

“Tobacco” means tobacco in any form, whether consumed by smoking, by chewing or as snuff.

“Cannabis” means cannabis in any form, whether consumed by smoking the substance through any means including: hand pipes, water pipes, vaporizing, hookahs and rolling papers.

Places Smoking Prohibited

Doorways, air intakes, operable windows
E-cigarettes (indoors)
E-cigarettes (outdoors)
Enclosed public places
Enclosed workplaces
Patios - Restaurants
Waterpipes (indoors)
Waterpipes (outdoors)

Buffer Zones

Doorways, Air Intakes and Operable Windows - Buffer Zone 1-10 m

Policy Analysis

This bylaw contains leading edge elements, notably the definition of smoking which is broad and includes cannabis and other weeds and substances. However, the definition of smoking also includes vaping which is a not recommended. Also not recommended is permitting smoking in areas off limits to children, which this municipality has done regarding bar patios for minors under the age of 19. Exposure to SHS is dangerous for everyone and this bylaw allows staff and customers to be exposed in a public place.

Age Restrictions

Designated Smoking Areas - 19

Date Passed: October 18, 2017

Date in Force: October 18, 2017

Date Last Amended:

Leading Edge: Yes

Level of Government: Municipal

Smoke-free Ontario Act Status: Exceeds Smoke-free Ontario Act

Bylaw Under Development? No

Supporting Information

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Bylaw 21, Smoke Free Places Bylaw

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