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Village of Harrison Hot Springs Bylaw No. 915, A bylaw to regulate the use of parks, beaches, public areas and boulevards

According to the bylaw, “no person shall smoke any tobacco, electronic cigarette, cigar, cigarello [sic], pipe or ignite any cartridge of nicotine solution, vaporizing system or smoke any substance that replicates a smoking experience in any building, structure, park or public space within the Village of Harrison Hot Springs.” We have verified with municipal staff that this does include waterpipes.

Products Included

Cigarettes, Cigars, Pipes, Electronic Smoking Devices, Other Weeds and Substances, Waterpipes


“Park” means any real property owned or subject to a right of occupation by the Village for the purposes of pleasure, recreation or community uses of the public including public parks, playgrounds, public squares, pathways and other public places and all improvements and shall include all beaches and other public areas adjacent to lakes or streams including foreshore or land covered by water; but does not include the travelled portion of a highway. “Public Space” means any real property or portions of real property owned or subject to a right of occupation by the Village to which the public is ordinarily invited or permitted to be in or on, and includes, but is not necessarily limited to, the grounds of public facilities or buildings, boulevards, sidewalks and public parking lots.

Places Smoking Prohibited

E-cigarettes (indoors)
E-cigarettes (outdoors)
Municipal Property
Playgrounds, which may include Splash Pads and Wading Pools
Sports and Recreational Fields and Facilities
Waterpipes (indoors)
Waterpipes (outdoors)

Policy Analysis

This is a leading edge bylaw as it prohibits the use of electronic smoking devices, waterpipes and other weeds and substances in a variety of locations within the Village of Harrison Hot Springs – both indoors and outdoors. The locations that are considered leading edge are beaches, trails or pathways, sidewalks, and 100% of municipal property. The definitions of “parks” and “public places” are very broad.

Date Passed: July 13, 2009

Date in Force:

Date Last Amended: June 16, 2014

Leading Edge: Yes

Level of Government: Municipal

Smoke-free Ontario Act Status: Exceeds Smoke-free Ontario Act

Bylaw Under Development? No

Supporting Information

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Contact: info@harrisonhotsprings.ca or 604-796-2171

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